Using iEvade Activator to Bypass iCloud Activation

iEvade has been around for quite a long time. The app has been a favorite for many due to its ease of use, especially when bypassing iCloud activation. If you can’t remember your password and you’re locked out of your device then iEvade activator might just be the right software to help you regain access to your iPhone or iPad.

While there are many iCloud Activation tools out there, only a few work as good as iEvade. In this guide, I will show you how to use iEvade to remove iCloud and prevent your device from requesting an Apple ID and password before allowing you to access it.

How to download iEvade Activator

Follow these steps to download and use iEvade Activator:

  • On your browser, go to ByteUploads and download the latest version of iEvade. The most recent versions often support recent releases of iOS.
  • Extract the software from the downloaded Zip files to another folder on your computer
  • Double click on its set up file (.exe) and launch the app
  • A pop should show prompting you to select a mode of use. Select universal mode and agree with the terms and conditions.

You should have now downloaded the app to your device and it is now ready for use to bypass iCloud. So, how do you bypass an iCloud activation using iEvade?

A step-by-step guide for using iEvade

After installation, you should see an iEvade icon on your desktop. Click on it to open the application and follow the steps listed here to use it to activate any device:

  • Open iEvade and click Agree after reading the terms and conditions
  • Select the current OS on your iPhone and select Next
  • Select the Activation type. Choose Full if your device isn’t jailbroken. However, if your device is jailbroken select iEvade Activation.
  • Connect your device and select Sync. iEvade will pop up a message after a few seconds to show if your phone is compatible or not. If it is compatible, click Activate and let the app run until the process is complete.
  • You should get a success message if it completes successfully

If you’ve followed these steps carefully, you should now have a fully functional iPhone that has been activated using iEvade. You can now proceed to create a new Apple ID account and resume using your iPhone normally.

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