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How to Uninstall Kodi on Mac

Kodi is a cross-platform open-source media player that opens a variety of files like music, videos, podcasts, and photos. The formerly known XBMC (Xbox Media Center) offers much customization for your streaming experience and viewing capabilities from other sites like Amazon, YouTube and Spotify. How to remove Kodi from Mac If you already have the

How to uninstall Wacom Driver Mac

Uninstalling Mac applications is relatively an easy process especially if it was downloaded from the Mac store. However, other applications downloaded from unknown developers may leave orphaned files in your hard drive. Traditionally; an uninstallation should completely remove an application completely. This is only applicable to the bundled files. In certain cases, the files are

How to uninstall Epic Games launcher Mac

If you are transitioning from Windows to Mac then you must be having problems uninstalling applications. Unlike windows where clicking uninstalls does it, Mac does not expressly remove the applications especially the ones not downloaded on Mac store. Certain application files are found scattered and may still remain after an uninstallation procedure. If you are

How to scan a flash drive for viruses on a Mac

It’s rare to find malware on a Mac. Although this doesn’t mean viruses can’t attack a Mac. It’s essential to take precaution by ensuring your Flash Drive is free from malware. Even so, the security of your device depends on your ability of how to scan a flash drive for viruses on Mac. Whether you

How to rotate screen on Mac

Screen rotations may slightly differ in other versions of Mac. The rotate screen mac short cut without too much hassle guideline is here. The procedure gives a general screen rotation option in most Mac OS X of versions. Rotating screen orientation on your Mac is a simple process. How to rotate screen Mac shortcut Go

How to uninstall sticky notes on Mac

Uninstalling applications on Mac may not be as hard as in other operating systems. You can simply drag the sticky notes app to the trash bin. This method works in many iOS X versions. However, it’s another issue when it comes to inbuilt applications (they are not easily uninstalled using this method) you will need