Best Pokémon Go Cydia Tweaks to Try Out

Pokémon Go is hands down one of the most downloaded games for iOS. If you own an iPhone or iPad, you’ve definitely downloaded or heard of the game. While the game is enjoyable, the only issue is that you have to walk in order to play. This isn’t ideal for those who can’t walk or if you aren’t in a position to walk. That’s where Pokémon Go Cydia tweaks come in.

Cydia tweaks for Pokémon Go have been designed to do things that you can’t do with the normal app. You can teleport to different places without moving or catch all kinds of Pokémon in one place. If you fancy using cheats when playing games, then you’ll definitely want to use some of these tweaks.

Note that Niantic doesn’t approve of Pokémon Go cheats and tweaks that change the functionality of the game. These include tweaks that make it easier to catch Pokémon or those that can teleport you. If you are found using these tweaks, your account will be suspended, or worse banned.

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Top Pokémon Go Cydia tweaks

Now, let’s dive in to the list of the best Pokémon Go Cydia tweaks you can get:

  1. iSpoofer

iSpoofer is a new tweak but also the most effective for those running iOS 12 and above. It works by spoofing your location so that you can teleport anywhere on your Pokémon Go app.

While the app isn’t specifically designed for Pokémon Go, it is one of the few that aren’t caught out by the Niantic software easily. However, there’s still a chance you can get caught and your account will be banned. It is, therefore, advisable to use it on a secondary account.

You should also enable SimReality which creates a human-like trail that spoofs Pokémon Go to believe that you are indeed walking. This iSpoofer review contains all the details you would need to know about the software.

  1. PokeGo++

PokeGo++ is another interesting tweak that allows you to add new features to the game including the ability to fake your location. Other interesting features in the app include a dark mode feature and the ability to view the most wanted Pokémon. You also can get the app via app stores like TweakBox and AppValley. To get the app, check out our PokeGo++ download guide.

  1. Pokémon Go Plus

Pokémon Go Plus provides instant notifications whenever a Pokémon is around. Whether it is on the road, in your house, or anywhere else, you’ll get an instant notification that allows you to catch Pokémon easily and win more awards.

  1. Pokebye

PokeBye is designed with one aim –to bypass the Pokémon jailbreak detection. While it works for the most part, it can still be detected by the Niantic software. This means you shouldn’t use it with your main Pokémon Go account.

PokeBye is available on the BigBoss repo for jailbroken devices. While it is free of charge, the app hasn’t been updated for a while.

  1. PokeGoBP

PokeGoBP is designed to help prevent Pokémon Go from detecting that you have tweaked your app. With the tweak installed, you can run cheats and tweaks on Pokémon Go without getting detected. The tweak is hosted at the Rango’s Repo and the developer updates it constantly.

  1. PokePatch

PokePatch is another Cydia tweak for Pokémon Go that allows you to bypass jailbreak detection. If you have jailbroken your device, you will need this tweak or another similar tweak to be able to play Pokémon on your iOS device. You can download the tweak from Ryleyangus repo.

  1. Liberty Lite

Liberty Lite is a general-purpose tweak that was developed by Ryley Angus and is used for bypassing jailbreak detection. While the tweak is mostly downloaded by those who would like to bypass jailbreak detection on iOS, it is actually designed to work for bypassing detection on a large number of apps. Besides, it is simple to install and use. You can find the tweak at Ryleangus repo.

If you are using Pokémon Go, you are definitely aware of the restrictions on the app that prevent users who have jailbroken their devices from running the app or playing the game. This, therefore, means many of the tweaks on this list are designed to bypass the jailbreak detection. Aside from these, there is a good number of tweaks that will definitely improve your Pokémon Go gaming experience.

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