How to play 8 ball pool on iPhone message

iOS 10 features game like 8 ball pool on iMessage which is powered by Game Pigeon. You can download this game using the game pigeon app and enjoy it with your friends. Setting up a connection with your friend Send a request message to your friend to build the same platforms. Wait for the recipient’s

How to connect Xbox 360 controller to iPad

Apple has added a normal Gamepad Controller. Now, it’s easy to connect the Xbox 360 Controller to iPad. But, Apple has to certify other iPhone/iPad accessories like lighting cables. The company does so to ensure you hook controller to iPhone with games that have implemented MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad) Controller support. Some of the Controllers

How to change snooze time on iphone 6s

Many iPhone users want to change default snooze time on iPhone 6s because of one factor or the other. Perhaps you have canceled your plans or you need more time to relax. The device lacks a snooze button with definite intervals. So you have to walk around with Native Clock app or use a third-party

How to rotate screen on Mac

Screen rotations may slightly differ in other versions of Mac. The rotate screen mac short cut without too much hassle guideline is here. The procedure gives a general screen rotation option in most Mac OS X of versions. Rotating screen orientation on your Mac is a simple process. How to rotate screen Mac shortcut Go

How to uninstall sticky notes on Mac

Uninstalling applications on Mac may not be as hard as in other operating systems. You can simply drag the sticky notes app to the trash bin. This method works in many iOS X versions. However, it’s another issue when it comes to inbuilt applications (they are not easily uninstalled using this method) you will need