What is iSpoofer and how to use it

Ever wanted to simulate another country or location on iOS? Whether you are coding or playing Location-Based Service games, it has certainly dawned on you that there isn’t a readily available feature to achieve this. The existing feature on XCode requires some knowledge in programming –and that makes it not-so-ideal for everyone. This is where iSpoofer comes in.

So, what is iSpoofer and how is it used? iSpoofer is a software that is designed to simulate location on an iOS device. When installed, it tricks your phone into ‘believing’ it is actually in a different location than it is. The software has become more popular recently with Pokémon Go players who view it as a solution for spoofing their locations –and it works to some extent.


Before you try using iSpoofer to change your location on Pokemon Go, understand that your account can be banned. According to an article on TechCrunch, Niantic explained that users are given three chances. However, your account can still be banned instantly whenever you’re discovered to be spoofing the app.

Now that you’ve known what iSpoofer is and its use, it is worth knowing how to download and use it on your iOS device.

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How to use install and use iSpoofer to Spoof your location on iOS

To use iSpoofer, you must have an iOS device running iOS 8 and above. Follow these steps to download and use the app:

  • On your computer, go to iSpoofer.com and download the setup file
  • Install the file on your Mac or PC. Ensure you have iTunes installed too
  • Launch the application and wait for it to detect iTunes
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable once iTunes has been detected
  • Wait for iSpoofer to detect your iPhone. You’ll be prompted to unlock and click to trust your computer.
  • You should see your iPhone’s details on iSpoofer. Click Spoof to change your location. Keep your iPhone unlocked during this stage for the app to work.

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Different ways to change location on iSpoofer

You can use three modes to switch your location on your iPhone when using iSpoofer. They are:

  • Single Point Simulation: Search for your preferred location on the map and click the ‘Move’ button. You can adjust the speed you’re moving with to your target.
  • Customized Route: Set a specific route by clicking on various positions on the map. Once you’re done, click ‘Play’. You can stop movement anytime you click the ‘Stop’ button.
  • GPX File: Load a GPX File and it will be applied on the map. This method also allows you to set your preferred speed.

How to use SimReality in iSpoofer to make spoofing human-like

The last thing you want is a spoofing strategy that is easily detectable. iSpoofer attempts to solve this issue through SimReality which creates a human-like trail.

Many spoofers for Pokemon Go usually work in a matter that can be best described as Teleporting. However, with iSpoofer and SimReality, you’ll simulate normal human movement from one point to the next. This reduces your chances of getting flagged.

To enable SimReality, go to your map on iSpoofer and toggle SimReality to an ON position. Test it severally to ensure that it is working fine before you deploy it on another application.

Note: Enabling SimReality doesn’t mean that you will never be flagged as it doesn’t replicate human movement 100%. Besides, Niantic and other companies may use more than just movement to detect if you are spoofing their systems. SimReality just means that your chances of being caught are much lower.

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iSpoofer can come in handy when spoofing location on your iOS device. However, note that there isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be flagged. With that being said, hopefully the guide above has enabled you to install and use the service without any further issues.


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