iPhone snooze button disappeared? Here’s the Fix

It’s already frustrating to be woken up by a ringing phone alarm. When this is compounded by a lost snooze button, nothing could be worse than a perpetual ringer. While the disappearance of the snooze button is a rare occurrence, it’s only right to give you a Do It Yourself guide around the issue.

While the disappearance of snooze button can be attributed at times to an iOS software upgrade the problem may actually be simpler. There are quick solutions to this problem. Here is how to change everything and restore it back to your phone.

What happens if I turn off snooze on iPhone?

When your snooze option in your Apple alarm disappears, the logical culprit would be a disabled setting. This can be linked to accidentally snoozing (if you enabled disable snooze function), software upgrades, or bugs that disable your alarm function. Here is how to solve the problem.

Edit your alarm

  • Open the clock application on your home screen.
  • Tap the alarm tab
  • On the upper left corner tap “Edit” option.
  • Tap alarm
  • Make the necessary changes you make i.e. date, time, ring tone, etc.
  • Toggle your snooze option to turn your snooze option on. (At times the problem may have been an untoggled snooze button )
  • Tap Save to all your new changes on your alarm.
  • The Snooze option should be below the sound you select for your new alarm.

That should solve your problem

It is worthy of note that the reason why you are led to the widget screen is because when individual alarm snooze option has been disabled, any phone interaction( home button, Volume button or lock) turns off the alarm instead of snoozing.

Alternatively, you can use other options to snooze your alarm if the problem persists. Pressing the volume button or sleep-wake snoozes your alarm for 9 minutes (unfortunately, iOS automatically sets this interval which can’t be changed). You can keep snoozing over the interval.

If you find sliding the snooze button tasking, opt to press the home button to stop your alarm.


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