iPad camera not working black screen fix

Perhaps you had the unrivaled embarrassment of letting everybody line up for a Kodak moment only to realize your iPhone camera is black. Well worry not, we got you covered.

Camera problems can either be generalized affecting both front and back cameras or affecting a single camera like your iphone front camera not working black screen.

A blank screen can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from hardware, software or handling. Depending on the cause of the black screen remedies differ.

Remove your hand from the lens

As pedestrian as it sounds, your finger may be obstructing your lens from getting that memorable shot. In short (sic), remove your fingers from blocking your shot.

Cleaning dirty lens

Dirty lens introduces small particles to the lens surface a time obstructing the flow of light to your iPad.Microfibre cloth is ideal for cleaning your camera lens to give a clearer picture due to their soft touch on the glass.

Phone casing

While phone casing protects your phone, it may at times, be the source of your camera problems. They are an obvious cause of obstruction to your camera lens, especially when not correctly placed (upside down), blocks the camera and results to a black screen. So before you embark on a sophisticated technological DIY fishing expedition, check your casing. If not correctly placed rectify it.

Camera Application

iPhone Camera is run by its  Apple developed custom camera application. Despite its track record of performance, this application may also be prone to hanging, unforced errors or stopping suddenly. This application error at times results to a black screen.

Camera application error like this is easily resolved through two options.

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The first is forgoing everything and restarting your device. The rebooting process closes all the applications and gives your camera application a chance to properly load  (in case there were other errors) also other applications that may be compromising your camera performance are automatically shut and causing your iPhone camera to sometimes go black.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Camera > then confirm if relevant applications that work with your camera are toggled on

Alternatively, you can go to the settings to access the various applications both running and background applications. From there shut the camera app.

Upgrade your iPad Software

Camera malfunction at times is attributed to obsolete software. At times upgrade to the latest iOS software may be the source of your camera malfunction due to compatibility issues.

How to update your camera software

Settings > General > Software Update if there are no current updates, restart your camera app by double-pressing the home button.

Reset all settings

  • Go to settings
  • Then General
  • Select Reset, and then press to reset all settings.

Factory reset

  • Back up all your data before embarking on this.
  • You can use the volume up and down button with the home button together until you see the Apple logo.
  • You do this by pressing the sleep/wake button. Drag the red slide and then re-press the wake-sleep button until the Apple logo shows.

Alternatively, go to General

  • Select reset
  • Then choose to reset all content.
  • This should be done after backing up all your information
  • If all these steps don’t help, contact support or Apple to solve your Camera problems.

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