iOS 12 Jailbreak Tweaks No Longer Necessary in iOS 13

Apple has a long history of getting new feature ideas from the jailbreak community. In most cases, early iOS 13 adopters have to content with these new improvements as they wait for veteran moders like Luca Todesco, Unc0ver and Chimera to release jailbreak exploits.

Luca Todesco of Yalu Jailbreak claims to already have the iOS 13 jailbreak but isn’t going to release it to the public just yet. The takeaway is iOS 13 is jailbreakable and a solution might be coming soon!

Here are the now useless Cydia tweaks whose function has been replaced by native iOS 13 capabilities.

Dark Mode by Cydia Tweak Eclipse

iOS 13 now has a stock Dark Mode feature that lets apps change their looks depending on the time of the day. This feature can also change your wallpaper depending on whether Dark Mode is on or off.

Quick Path by Cydia Tweak Swipeselection

You can now type words on your iOS keyboard without removing your finger from the keyboard. This is a simulation of the swipe to type feature that was previously enabled by jailbreak tweak Swipeselection.

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Adding WiFi and Bluetooth to Control Center by WeatherVane

WeatherVane made it easier to access your wireless connectivity options by putting their icons on the Control Center. This will no longer be necessary since iOS 13 now lets users put the WiFi and Bluetooth accessory right on your Control Center.

A Safari Download Manager by Cydia Tweak Safari Plus

This tweak allowed you to multitask with your iOS device as other downloads go on in the background. The new feature replaces Safari Plus by letting you check download progress with simple access to downloaded apps with the freedom to drag and drop them whenever you want.

Unlimited App Size Download on Mobile Data

Previous iOS versions always forced users to wait until they are on WiFi to download bulky apps. People with no WiFi access worked around this by using Appstore Unrestric jailbreak app. This will no longer necessary in iOS 13 since you get to download however you wish with a popup reminding you whenever you try to download something heavy.

There you have it. Some of the most functional jailbreak tweaks that have been replaced by iOS 13 stock features.



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