How to uninstall Wacom Driver Mac

Uninstalling Mac applications is relatively an easy process especially if it was downloaded from the Mac store. However, other applications downloaded from unknown developers may leave orphaned files in your hard drive. Traditionally; an uninstallation should completely remove an application completely. This is only applicable to the bundled files. In certain cases, the files are scattered in other system folders. So let’s examine how to uninstall Wacom driver app.

  • Ensure you have exited the application if it was in use
  • Go to the finder
  • Locate Wacom driver from the list of applications
  • Select it and drag it to the trash or you can click on it and right-click and select the option “move to trash”
  • Ensure you follow this up by emptying your trash. This should completely remove the files. But this process doesn’t work well with inbuilt apps as much as it works in Mac apps and 3rd party applications. It, therefore, follows that you employ alternative means to accomplish this.

Use the Launchpad uninstallation option

  • Type Wacom on the Launchpad
  • Click on the Wacom icon until it wiggles
  • Click on the X button on the top left corner

This process is only possible if you used the Apple Store to download your Wacom. Other inbuilt apps can’t be downloaded this way.

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Alternatively, you can get an uninstallation software that successfully scouts for orphaned files lagging behind in the system folders.

Using an uninstaller

An uninstaller is one of the most efficient ways to uninstall Wacom from your Mac. Ensure you look for a tried and tested uninstaller to perform this.

  • Look for the Wacom installation file
  • Select the Wacom utility uninstaller and run it
  • Ensure you follow the prompts that follow
  • This should successfully uninstall the Wacom in your Mac.

And that is how to uninstall Wacom driver Mac. Please let us know in the comments section below if the above tips worked for you.




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