How to uninstall sticky notes on Mac

Uninstalling applications on Mac may not be as hard as in other operating systems. You can simply drag the sticky notes app to the trash bin. This method works in many iOS X versions.

However, it’s another issue when it comes to inbuilt applications (they are not easily uninstalled using this method) you will need a password on your package installer. Here are some few tricks on uninstalling stickies on your mac.

Here is a quick guide on how to delete sticky notes on Mac.

Drag sticky Notes to Trash

  • Go to the finder
  • Click on the left side on Applications
  • Select Sticky notes
  • Drag these sticky notes using your finger to the trash icon. Alternatively, you can right click to give you options like “move to trash”
  • Place the cursor on the trash icon right click to give you more options
  • Empty the trash to ensure complete uninstallation of the sticky notes application.

Delete Using Launchpad (Applicable to apps installed from Apple store)

  • Go to your launch pad and open it
  • Enter sticky note on the query box on top
  • Select and hold on the sticky notes until it wiggles
  • Click on the X on the application on the left upper corner
  • This should be able to uninstall the sticky notes.

Sticky notes in-built uninstaller

Another way of deleting stickies on Mac is through specialized applications. They perform removal of sticky notes alongside other associated items efficiently in a manner that a manual uninstallation can’t. Most of these uninstallers are found in official websites of your device or in this case Apple store.

  • Go to sticky notes installation file and open it up by double-clicking it.
  • Choose the uninstaller in the package and run it
  • Carefully follow all the screen prompts in the uninstallation process.

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