How to unforget bluetooth device iPhone

If you are reading this article, chances are, you have accidentally or intentionally clicked on the forget Bluetooth device on your iPhone. Unlike most common smartphones, iPhone doesn’t easily allow you to unforget. You can undo forget this device iPhone error albeit in a relatively short process.

Reset Network Settings

It could have been simpler if the iPhone had a straightforward Bluetooth ‘forget this device’ setting. Since that is not the case, we will walk you through an alternative process that gives a similar result.

The key to retrieving your forgotten blue tooth device lays in resetting your phone. This allows for backing up of your information. Here are a few steps that will enable you unforget your blue tooth device.

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Click on “General”.This will give you several options including “Reset”.
  • Select on the Reset” here you will get many reset options including, “reset all settings”, “erase all contact settings” and “reset network settings”
  • Choose the “Reset network settings” options
  • After doing this, a prompt asking “Do you want to reset network settings?” will come to your screen.
  • Click YES to begin the reset process. This may take some few seconds (from few up to seven seconds)

After consenting to the reset, the Apple logo will temporarily show and your screen will go blank momentarily. It will then reappear for a few seconds before your normal home screen menu shows. This signals the completion of the reset and a re-start of your device.

During this period your phone loads back up information including the forgotten Bluetooth device.

  • Press the HOME button of your device and then go to the SETTINGS
  • Select “Blue tooth” and you will be getting a list of devices that have previously connected to your device including the forgotten.

You should be able to see the forgotten device from this list.


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