How to Stop Apps from Getting Revoked

Third party apps downloaded from other stores other than the App Store are prone to crashing or App Revoke. This happens when a programmer uses an enterprise developer program whose application validity is bound to expire at some time.

When this happens, an otherwise useful tweak app ends up being revoked or it crashes every time you try to launch it.

The simple workaround is uninstalling and reinstalling the app whenever it is revoked. This could in more than once a week! If you are tired of this tiresome cycle, you should try one of the following anti revoke apps that work without necessarily jailbreaking your device.

Use a VPN Service

using vpn for anti revoke ios third party app

Use a VPN to hide your personal data. This means that modified apps or third party apps can’t pass specific data on to Apple or other app developers. Since the VPN ensures that your device cannot be identified over the network, the chances of certificates for your third party apps being revoked reduce drastically. This solution works for all versions of iOS.

LazarusJailed App

lazarus jailed antirevoke app

LazarusJailed app is a cool workaround that keeps your apps from crashing due to revoked certificates by combining a voucher_swap and anti-revoke exploits. The app clears caches of third party apps every time you close the app. This means that Apple servers can’t collect data from that app hence preventing them from revoking it.

Using the Nothx App


Nothx uses a dummy VPN to keep Apple servers from finding out where you download your third party apps from. This anonymity makes it impossible for apple to detect and revoke certificates for the apps you get out of the App Store without forcing you to jailbreak your device. It works for iOS 7+ and is only supported by iPhone 5 and above.

One of the easiest way to download this anti-revoke app is by using the TweakBox app.

The above solutions are a great workaround for revoked or crashing third party app. Choose the easiest to implement. My favorite is using a VPN since it is a clean way to protect your data and identity online while at it.

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