How to scan a flash drive for viruses on a Mac

It’s rare to find malware on a Mac. Although this doesn’t mean viruses can’t attack a Mac. It’s essential to take precaution by ensuring your Flash Drive is free from malware. Even so, the security of your device depends on your ability of how to scan a flash drive for viruses on Mac. Whether you want to know how to remove a virus on a Mac

Scanning for Virus on USB Flash Drive on Mac

You should do a virus scan to be sure your USB drive data and the system are safe.

  • Install ClamXav anti-virus and malware scanner for Mac
  • Insert your flash drive in your Mac and right-click it
  • Select the scan option to complete the process.

NOTE- ClamXav isn’t the only virus scanner for Mac. There are other options which include; VirusBarier Pro and Malwarebytes which can detect Mac USD virus.

How to Detect a Virus on a Mac

A Mac doesn’t have many viruses like Widows. Above all, they do exist. Use a malware tool to detect viruses on your Mac.

  • Install CleanMyMac X or any of the above apps
  • Launch the app
  • Click on the Malware removal button
  • Click Scan

If there is any virus, remove.

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How to Delete a Virus App on a Mac

  • Open Finder then click the Finder application on your dock
  • Click on Applications
  • In the Finder left pane, click on Applications
  • Find the app containing the virus and delete
  • Click Empty Trash

How to Remove Virus from Pendrive in Mac

  • Drag the items you want to delete to the trash.
  • Empty the trash with the pen drive still attached.
  • Ensure the drive is formatted as FAT32.
  • If it’s NTFS, install a driver to change the drive’s contents from Mac OS X.

You can also scan the Pendrive using your preferred anti-virus to know if it’s free from virus.

  • Right-click
  • Scan your Pendrive
  • Format it.

That is how to scan a flash drive for viruses on Mac. Get a scan now and see what it says.


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