How to rotate screen on Mac

Screen rotations may slightly differ in other versions of Mac. The rotate screen mac short cut without too much hassle guideline is here. The procedure gives a general screen rotation option in most Mac OS X of versions.

Rotating screen orientation on your Mac is a simple process.

How to rotate screen Mac shortcut

  • Go to the Apple menu and Launch System Preferences
  • Next press and hold Command Option keys and then click on “Display” icon
  • Go to the right side of the Display preferences; there will be a newly visible ‘Rotation’ dropdown menu.
  • Select the rotation you prefer and set it, most likely you can rotate it to 90° so that the display is set to a vertical page layout orientation on the side.

The following are some of the flip screen Mac options you can choose from;

  1. 90 degrees rotation is arguably on the most common orientation after standard. It allows you to rotate your screen from its side to a vertical layout. This is especially useful for those who want to utilize a sideways display.
  2. 180 degrees tilts your orientation to have an upside-down look.
  3. 270 degrees change your mac orientation to vertical almost as similar as 90 degrees albeit the positioning of the side changes.
  4. Standard orientation is the default setting for all displays in Mac versions. The factory settings ensure that your mac horizontal orientation stays before you custom rest it.

The final step is closing the System Preferences, so that changed settings are saved are effected

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There you have it How to rotate Screen Mac without much hassle. It is worthy of note that, display settings vary from one version to another. The display settings may have additional settings and preferences in certain versions and lack in others. Some of these additional options in addition to the “Rotation” menu are Retina compatible displays.


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