How to recover deleted history on Mac Google Chrome

Most of the time we don’t care to view deleted web history. Wondering on how to recover deleted history on Mac Google Chrome? Follow the step guide below.

Use Time Machine to Recover Deleted History on Mac Google Chrome

Time Machine is an inbuilt application merged with Mac. This application will help backup and restore lost or deleted files on Mac. It also allows you to recover browsing history. All you need to do is to toggle on the option to recover deleted Chrome history. This application is useful too in recovering Safari browser history. Follow the step guide below to find deleted history on a Mac laptop.

  • Make sure the Time Machine feature in on. To switch it on, go to menu then systems. You will find the Time Machine menu. Push it on if it’s set to off.
  • Navigate to enter the machine option in the Time Machine drop-down menu. Once you click, you Mac will open to the backup location.
  • Proceed to Applications and Time Machine will display a list of snapshots and backups taken.
  • Find the snapshot of the deleted history
  • Click on the restore button under it and you’d have recovered the deleted history.

How to Find Deleted History on Mac using Cookies

  • Open Google Chrome and Settings on the upper right corner
  • Search for cookies then select content settings
  • Once you open content settings proceed to cookies
  • See the cookies and site data

Recover Deleted Google Chrome History on Mac with Google Account

With Google account, you can easily view deleted web history. You only need to have logged in your Google account during your browsing session. Your entire browsing history including Bookmarks preserved in your Google account will be recovered.

  • Go to while you’ve signed in your Google account.
  • You will see your internet browsing history.
  • The history display will be according to date and time you browsed.

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