How to play 8 ball pool on iPhone message

iOS 10 features game like 8 ball pool on iMessage which is powered by Game Pigeon. You can download this game using the game pigeon app and enjoy it with your friends.

Setting up a connection with your friend

  • Send a request message to your friend to build the same platforms.
  • Wait for the recipient’s request.
  • You will receive a short message after your recipients played a shot.
  • Play on your screen and leave both ball and game arrangements on the table.

How to Play

  • Set up a connection with your friend
  • Place your white ball near the target. A V-shaped button will appear for identification of the shot direction.
  • Use your finger to slide the side stick. Pay attention to the force measurements that indicate the weight of the shot you want to take. It’s that simple to shoot in 8 ball pool on iMessage.
  • After each shot, a message is sent to your opponent allowing them to strategize on their next move.

Tips on how to hit the  ball in 8 ball on iMessage

  • The objective of the game is to successfully pot eight balls out of the 15 balls.
  • As long as you are pocketing, your turn doesn’t expire until an unsuccessful potting.
  • If you are pocketing stripes, or spots ensure you pocket the seven numbers first, then complete by pocketing the 8 ball.
  • Always announce the potential ball to the pocket.
  • Use a better cue to help you hit the ball accurately and pot it.
  • If you take a long time before shooting, you may end up forfeiting your turn due to delay. Ensure you shoot fast.
  • Always extend your aim to give you the path of the ball to the pot.

You can save battery, Wi-Fi and cellular data while playing 8 ball pools. Click on the “Gear” button on the left bottom part of your iPhone. You will get options for music, sound and send images. Go ahead and disable their settings. This will save your data and reduce the high battery demands of the game.


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