How to fix this message has no content on iPhone email

You probably have an experienced getting angry at the sender of a blank email correspondence especially if it was important; only to learn it was a technical hiccup. Well, iPhones re not immune to occasional technological blunders. In most cases, you are never greeted with a “No content message”. Never mind the sender details and message title is visible to you the recipient. Clearly the problem is on the other end and not your device, you may think so. Well here is the shocker.

Why do my emails say message has no content?

Before you angrily call out your correspondent for being unprofessional or playing a prank on you, here are few things you should know about iPhone email system.

Typical emails when opened should display the main body of the message especially if on the senders end it indicates the message has been sent.

iPhone or most apple devices use the Apple mail application in the collection and dispatch of user emails. Unlike in browsers, the Apple email application downloads the received message. Also, just like other phone applications, it can occasionally misbehave.

In the event of an incomplete download, the message body is often left out. The partial download only delivers the sender’s name, recipient and message subject. Upon clicking the message body; the “This message has no content” is generated instead.

How to fix the problem

Just like all other applications on the phone, the simple solution is quitting the application. This allows the application to start properly and efficiently download your message.

  • You can do this by double-clicking your home button.
  • This will display both running and recent applications
  • Select the Mail App, flicker on the page icon,(don’t flick the app). This makes the page automatically disappear and closes down the app.
  • Go back to the Mail app,
  • Try accessing the problematic email.
  • This should work

In case this doesn’t work, you can opt for the old school way of asking the sender to resend the email. If the problem persists even after this, contact Apple support center.


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