How to fix the volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired

Macintosh computers have a high reputation for their performance and quality. That notwithstanding, there are instances when the corruption of the Volume Hard disc occurs. This may be a result of many factors like human error, system issues or external uncontrolled factors.

Mac hard disc has seen significant improvements the most recent to its APFS 2017. Mac computers use an advanced filing system both Apple File System (APFS) and Hierarchal File System(HFS). The latter is the most common while the former is a recent advancement developed by Apple. It has also benefited from Mac updates like Mojave 10.4 that supports it (APFS).

So what could be causing the corruption of your Hard Drive?

If you are reading this article, chances are your drive has issues. Errors like the volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and need to be repaired file system check exit code is 8 are commonplace for most mac users. This is manifest in the inaccessibility or invisible partitions. There are several causes for volume corruption and inaccessibility. These may include;

  • A power surge that compromises the partitions or the hard drive
  • Errors associated with re-installation of software
  • Corruption or deletion of the various partitions HFS or APFS
  • Terminal or crash commands that bring about abnormal shut down
  • Ejections of external SSD drive
  • Problems associated with hardware malfunction

How to fix corrupted hard drive mac

Disc corruption can be classified as either major or minor. As the names suggest, fixing either problem may range from simple to complex solutions.

  • Restart your Pc into recovery mode (press the Command R key before the start-up tone)
  • Select a language to use from the popup and click continue
  • Select Disk Utility from the list (usually at the bottom) this automatically runs a copy of disc utility but not on your Mac Hard disc volume
  • Click on the Repair disc (usually it will indicate findings of errors)
  • Re-run the disc until there are zero errors found
  • Quit and then restart your Mac.

Incase disc utility fails there are other options of carrying out repairs

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Terminal option

Terminal app is used for low level functions in Mac Hard discs. You can utilize it in the repair of logical errors and damages in your drive.

  • First establish if the drive in question is repairable or not by running this command diskutil verifyVolume [replace this with drive identifier]
  • For default start up drives use diskutilverifyvolume /
  • If you rae checking on mounted drives then use diskutil verifyvolume/Volumes/ExternalBackups/

The verification process is important since it reveals if there are corrupted files. Your Mac drive is corrupt and needs to be repaired message often pops in case of errors on your volume drive. Alternatively, you get no error message signifying there is no need for any repairs.

If there are errors you can use diskutil repairvolume / command to run repairs.

As earlier stated repair syntaxes vary from mounted problems which are fixed by, diskutil repairvolume /Volumes/ExternalBackups/   to  default discs which use, diskutil repairvolume /.

FSCK command

This is arguably one complex method of solving your mc woes. Here is how to go about it.

  • As soon as there is the boot chime use Command + S to go to single-user mode.
  • Upon successful entry, wait for the texts (white against a black background) on the scroll displayed.
  • A single user boot sequence follows this. After its completion, there is a command prompt that appears at the bottom with a hashtag.
  • Type the command fsck –fy
  • Wait you should get a message “File system was modified
  • Run fsck-fy
  • A message “The volume (name) appears to be OK” will appear
  • Enter ‘reboot’ and leave Single User Mode
  • Boot Mac back into OS
  • Confirm this.

These are the few answers to your Volume mac problems. Alternatively, you can use the available software in the market to carry out repairs or contact Mac support center. Experts counsel, it is important to regularly check your drives and defragment to improve the overall health of your PC and avoid messages like the volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired.


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