How to fix iPhone 5S blurry front camera shots

It can get really frustrating when your iPhone 5s produces blurry front camera shots. So how do you fix this problem?

First of all, the iPhone camera function is a result of both hardware (lens) and software synergy. Blurriness can be caused by a malfunction of either of the two. It is easier to diagnose and correct hardware complications e.g. lens using a simple “eye test”.

Software problems, on the other hand, need troubleshooting of the device. Worry not if you are in this situation. If you are wondering why is my front camera blurry? This article gives you simple solutions to your camera woes.

Restart your device

Yes, it can sound less geekish of a solution to your iPhone front camera blurry problem but it actually works. Your iPhone restart ensures that applications like camera application that might have hung actually get to start anew. Restarts usually clear phone’s temporary memories that allow your camera function to be restored.

Clean the Dirty lens

If you subject your camera lens to an eye test and see traces of dirt on its surface, the logical thing is to clean it. There is an assumption that camera blurriness ten out of ten times is a result of phone malfunction. Nothing could be further from the truth. It may not be the case at times it’s just basic “phone hygiene”. You can carefully wipe your lens using a microfiber cloth to restore your lens capabilities.

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Reset to Default Settings

This should be a last resort which may work wonders. Before embarking on the process, back up all your information. Remember, “ reset” is different from “wiping” your phone (deletes all information and data). This process rectifies your camera issues by ensuring applications responsible for the malfunction settings are rectified and restored to manufacturers settings.

Simple iPhone blurry camera photos iPhone 5,6  resetting

  • Go to your phone Settings
  • Select General
  • Tap Reset
  • Then go to “Reset All Settings” Options

Wait for the rest to finish. This should restore your camera to its original status.

Wiping your phone

This is rather a drastic measure since it involves wiping your entire information and data. You can back up important information when doing this. Ensure you contact Apple when doing this. This may serve to solve camera blurriness problem if it was software related.

Software Update

iPhones software undergoes occasional updates. If you haven’t updated your current iOS, chances are your camera is acting up to remind you of this fact. Outdated software lack patches that improve the function of your camera. There is also the possibility of your outdated application being obsolete. Updated software usually has bug fixes that ensure your phones camera function properly than before. Go to the Apple store and carry out an update to improve your phone capability.

Exiting the application

As pedestrian as it may sound, quitting your camera application may actually solve the problem. While it may momentarily solve the problem without future guarantees of re-occurrence, the end justifies the means (sic). It is recommended to do this before embarking on other drastic measures. Your phone may after all just acted up.

Obstruction of the Lens

Depending on your camera photography skills, certain simple blunders may be the cause of the blurry lens. An example is when you unknowingly place your fingers on the camera lens. This obstruction may result in the blurry camera as a result of the hand itself, liquid or dirt transferred to the lens. To solve this, always be aware of the lens position and use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens.

There you have it few tips on how to solve your iPhone camera problems.


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