How to Fake Location on Find My Friends

GPS is a great way to position devices or anything attached to them. If you carry your phone with you often, it is easy to locate you using GPS and the right app like Find My Friends.

While this is convenient, some people don’t want to be found at times. This is where GPS location faking apps come in. Pokemon Go games have been using apps like Fly GPS to fake their location as they play the game.

How Find My Friends Works

Find My Friends uses your GPS to track your locations at all times and update this information to an online map. The app can then automatically notify your friends when you leave a location, get home or arrive at a location.

Here is what to do when you want to spoof your location and avoid detailed tracking without simply opting out of Find My Friends.

Use FMFNotifier on a Jailbroken Phone

This works for people with a jailbroken phone. FMFNotifier is a third-party app that lets you know when someone is checking your location. You can then either choose another location if you don’t want to be found or you can let the app show your actual location if it suits your purpose.

Using iTools

iTools is a great premium app you can install on your PC or Mac and use it to spoof your phone’s location by plugging it in via USB. iTools has an inbuilt option called Virtual Location. Select it and drop a marker in the ensuing map.

Your phone will show this location as long as you don’t hit the ‘Stop Simulation’ button or reboot your device.

Get a Second Cheaper Phone

This is the easiest way to fake location on Find My Friends. Get a second cheap phone and install Find My Friends on it. Ensure that you use the same account you use on your primary phone. You can log out on your primary phone and leave the secondary phone signed in if you want to go somewhere and indicate another location on the app.

The only drawback is when someone tries to reach you through the in-app chat feature and you are not available to respond to the texts.

The above solutions will give you on a fixed position and won’t stimulate the movement a normal phone user would reflect. If you want this, you can use FlyGPS which has a walkaround joystick as it is designed for Pokemon Go. You can check out this guide we did on how to install and use this app.


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