HIP4J for iOS 12 – download free apps and games!

HIP4J is one of the most popular app stores for anybody who is interested in free apps. Originally named HiPStore, HIP4J offers a wide range of apps and games. If you love ++ apps, then this is the right app store for you.

Downloading and installing apps from HIP4J is very easy. You don’t need to use external installers like Cydia Impactor. In fact, all you are supposed to do is to tap on the install button of the app on HiPStore and it will start to install automatically.

Features of HIP4J

  • Has lots of apps that are updated frequently
  • You don’t need an Apple ID and Password to download apps
  • Has a clean UI that is easy to navigate
  • Works on almost any iOS versions

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How to download HiPStore for iOS 12

Follow these steps to download and install HiPStore to your iPhone or iPad:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, launch Safari Browser
  • Go to iosemulatorspot.com/hipstore and tap the blue HiP4J icon to download the app
  • Exit Safari and wait for the download to complete
  • Once it has installed, go to Settings > General > Device Management and tap to trust the certificate.
  • If you’ve done it correctly, you should be able to launch the application.

If it doesn’t install you can try the processes above again. The reason behind the installation failure may be due to the app being revoked by Apple.

HIP4J not working? How to fix

If HIP4J isn’t working on your device, then you can do any of the following steps:

  • Make sure you are using a compatible device
  • Ensure you get the application from the link provided above.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app to your iOS device
  • Check if the app is revoked and reinstall it

If you are looking to enjoy your favorite apps and games, HiPStore provides an excellent platform that you can use. While at it, note that some apps may be provided illegally and should be avoided. Aside from that, have a great experience using HIP4J.

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