Gravity iOS 12 tweak makes iPhone app icons react to gravity

Looking for a little fun on your iOS 12 device’s home screen? Well, with Gravity tweak, you can make app icons react to the force of gravity. Twist your iPhone around and watch app icons gravitating towards the bottom of the screen. As simple as this tweak may sound, it is actually one of the most interesting homescreen tweaks for iOS 12 at the moment.

In this guide, I will show you how you can download and use Gravity tweak. The best part is that this tweak is configurable and allows you to customize multiple settings to your liking. Before we get into all the settings, lets first download the tweak from the Gravity repo.

How to download Gravity Tweak

  • Open Cydia and tap Sources
  • Tap Edit, which on the upper right corner
  • Select Add on the next screen that follows
  • Enter on the pop up that appears
  • Tap Add Source. At this point, the repo should begin to install itself. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Tap Return to Cydia and go to the Sources page
  • Tap the Julio Verne repo and select Gravitation Tweak
  • Tap on it to install

Now that you have known what the Gravity tweak is all about and how you can download and install it for free with or without jailbreak, here is a breakdown of some of the most prominent features that you can control.

Features of Gravity tweak

You’ll have control over the following:

  • Activate the tweak automatically
  • Gravitate dock icons
  • Ability to toggle the tweak on or off on demand
  • Hide icon labels
  • Enable rotation of the icons
  • Adjust how bouncy the icons feel when falling
  • Adjust the friction of the fall
  • Adjust the Angular resistance of the fall
  • Adjust the speed of the fall
  • Adjust the explosive force of the fall
  • Reset all settings back to default

Apart from being able to turn Gravity on and off, you can also toggle the icon movements when you swipe them and change the accelerometer speed.

Hopefully, you have now installed this tweak and you’re having a great time with it on your homescreen.

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