Cyrus Tweak for iOS allows installing tweaks without Jailbreak

As iPhones are getting complicated and newer and better features are being installed, most people are becoming skeptical of jailbreaking. For those who love having a dark UI, there isn’t a need to jailbreak anymore due to the availability of dark mode on iOS 12. Until recently, if you need to test out different apps on iOS or to install tweaks, then you had no option other than to jailbreak. That’s not the case anymore -enter Cyrus Tweak for iOS.

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If you’ve used a previous version of Cyrus, then you know how useful it can be. If you haven’t, the following guide will help you to understand what this “Cydia alternative” for non-jailbreakers is all about and how you can install it. First, let’s get to the features that this app offers:

Features of the Cyrus tweak for iOS

With the Cyrus tweak, you’ll enjoy:

  • A nice UI that allows for easy navigation
  • Ability to install any app without having to log in to your Apple ID
  • No need to enter your details on the app or site
  • Getting all apps on an iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking
  • It contains not just apps, but app stores as well

How to install Cyrus to your iPhone or iPad

Follow these steps to download and install Cyrus to your iOS device:

  • Open Safari browser on your iOS device and navigate to the
  • Scroll down to the Download button and tap it to install
  • An install page should appear. Tap Install
  • Another screen will appear, tap Install once more
  • Tap Done and return to the home screen
  • Wait for the store to appear on your homescreen then tap it

The store should open and you should be able to download the apps you want. If the store doesn’t open, then you have to trust the app. To do this, go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management > “app name profile” > Tap Trust. Once you are done, close the settings page and tap on the Cyrus icon.

By now you should have managed to install the application on your device. You can now use the search bar to find any app you want and download it.

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