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How to unforget bluetooth device iPhone

If you are reading this article, chances are, you have accidentally or intentionally clicked on the forget Bluetooth device on your iPhone. Unlike most common smartphones, iPhone doesn’t easily allow you to unforget. You can undo forget this device iPhone error albeit in a relatively short process. Reset Network Settings It could have been simpler

How to fix iPhone 5S blurry front camera shots

It can get really frustrating when your iPhone 5s produces blurry front camera shots. So how do you fix this problem? First of all, the iPhone camera function is a result of both hardware (lens) and software synergy. Blurriness can be caused by a malfunction of either of the two. It is easier to diagnose

iPad camera not working black screen fix

Perhaps you had the unrivaled embarrassment of letting everybody line up for a Kodak moment only to realize your iPhone camera is black. Well worry not, we got you covered. Camera problems can either be generalized affecting both front and back cameras or affecting a single camera like your iphone front camera not working black

How to bypass iPhone 6s passcode without Siri

Safeguarding your iPhone 6s with a passcode is essential. This will edge strangers from messing with your phone. Even so, there are occasions where some forget their passwords because of one reason or the other. The majority restores their iPhones and reset passcodes but the method is demanding. This is if your data and files

How to fix this message has no content on iPhone email

You probably have an experienced getting angry at the sender of a blank email correspondence especially if it was important; only to learn it was a technical hiccup. Well, iPhones re not immune to occasional technological blunders. In most cases, you are never greeted with a “No content message”. Never mind the sender details and

How to recover deleted history on Mac Google Chrome

Most of the time we don’t care to view deleted web history. Wondering on how to recover deleted history on Mac Google Chrome? Follow the step guide below. Use Time Machine to Recover Deleted History on Mac Google Chrome Time Machine is an inbuilt application merged with Mac. This application will help backup and restore

How to scan a flash drive for viruses on a Mac

It’s rare to find malware on a Mac. Although this doesn’t mean viruses can’t attack a Mac. It’s essential to take precaution by ensuring your Flash Drive is free from malware. Even so, the security of your device depends on your ability of how to scan a flash drive for viruses on Mac. Whether you

Best iPhone Tethering App without Jailbreak

If you are an iPhone user, you probably get frustrated by Apple’s lack of tethering apps on its store. Most service providers are vigilant on your data usage, especially if your device encrypted VPN isn’t on. Carriers can stop your iPhone from creating a hot spot or additional charges for using their bundles on extra