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How to Install Unsigned IPSW

Many iPhone or iPad jailbreakers or modders often have to install unsigned IPSW to either access deprecated features or implement a jailbreak tweak that isn’t available in the latest signed firmware file. The unsigned IPSW can also be a custom modified file with extra features you wouldn’t get in the official firmware build. Here is

How to Install Fly GPS on iPhone

The GPS on your iPhone or iPad play a great role in placing you at a point on demand. This was formerly used for navigation or other iPhone location services but it recently found favor among gaming enthusiasts after the successful launch of a revolutionary GPS driven game, Pokemon Go. There are a couple of

How to Stop Apps from Getting Revoked

Third party apps downloaded from other stores other than the App Store are prone to crashing or App Revoke. This happens when a programmer uses an enterprise developer program whose application validity is bound to expire at some time. When this happens, an otherwise useful tweak app ends up being revoked or it crashes every

How to Fake Location on Find My Friends

GPS is a great way to position devices or anything attached to them. If you carry your phone with you often, it is easy to locate you using GPS and the right app like Find My Friends. While this is convenient, some people don’t want to be found at times. This is where GPS location

How to Uninstall Kodi on Mac

Kodi is a cross-platform open-source media player that opens a variety of files like music, videos, podcasts, and photos. The formerly known XBMC (Xbox Media Center) offers much customization for your streaming experience and viewing capabilities from other sites like Amazon, YouTube and Spotify. How to remove Kodi from Mac If you already have the

How to uninstall Wacom Driver Mac

Uninstalling Mac applications is relatively an easy process especially if it was downloaded from the Mac store. However, other applications downloaded from unknown developers may leave orphaned files in your hard drive. Traditionally; an uninstallation should completely remove an application completely. This is only applicable to the bundled files. In certain cases, the files are

How to uninstall Epic Games launcher Mac

If you are transitioning from Windows to Mac then you must be having problems uninstalling applications. Unlike windows where clicking uninstalls does it, Mac does not expressly remove the applications especially the ones not downloaded on Mac store. Certain application files are found scattered and may still remain after an uninstallation procedure. If you are