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Best VPN for Jailbreak and 3rd Party Apps

Jailbreaking is fun. You get access to apps you would have otherwise never downloaded. You are also granted more power over what you can do with your iPhone. However, jailbreaking also opens up your device to potential vulnerabilities. But that’s not the only reason why you should find the best VPN for jailbreak and 3rd

What is iSpoofer and how to use it

Ever wanted to simulate another country or location on iOS? Whether you are coding or playing Location-Based Service games, it has certainly dawned on you that there isn’t a readily available feature to achieve this. The existing feature on XCode requires some knowledge in programming –and that makes it not-so-ideal for everyone. This is where

iOS 12 Jailbreak Tweaks No Longer Necessary in iOS 13

Apple has a long history of getting new feature ideas from the jailbreak community. In most cases, early iOS 13 adopters have to content with these new improvements as they wait for veteran moders like Luca Todesco, Unc0ver and Chimera to release jailbreak exploits. Luca Todesco of Yalu Jailbreak claims to already have the iOS

Best financial calculator app for iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a powerful financial calculator with the right app. The best financial calculator app for iPhone will help you make your financial move with confidence. You won’t mind paying for some of these apps that will aid you in business-related calculations or some complex calculations. Look at some of the best financial