Best Sileo Tweaks for iOS in 2020

The new iOS 12.4 jailbreak by Electra has been released and now is the perfect time to jailbreak your device. Named Chimera, the jailbreak allows you to install Cydia or Sileo to take advantage of the root access you have to your phone.

If you have already jailbroken your iPhone using this jailbreak, you are definitely on the lookout for the best tweaks to install. In this guide, we will list down the best Sileo tweaks for iOS 12.

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Top Sileo tweaks for iOS 12

Here are the best tweaks you can find on Sileo after the iOS 12 jailbreak:

  • AlwaysLatestTimelineTwitter: Bored of how Twitter always displays top tweets from those you follow instead of the latest tweets? Well, AlwaysLatestTimelineTwitter solves that.
  • Bubbles: redesign your messages app by colorizing messages and adding a brilliant gradient effect that makes your messages look like bubbles.
  • Photo Manager: This photo manager saves you the trouble of managing photos. You can now use the copy and move functions to transport photos to a new location.
  • Zeinth: This awesome tweak allows you to hide certain apps behind others. You will have to tap and hold an app and swipe down for the hidden app to show.
  • Togglow: This tweak allows you to change the look of your Control Center by applying custom colors. You can change the glow radius, opacity, and border width, among others.
  • PureFocus: If your phone is becoming more of a distraction, PureFocus can help you concentrate by locking you out of certain apps for a specified amount of time.
  • Jumper: This tweak adds two shortcuts on the lock screen that you can add your favorite apps. These shortcuts will replace the usual Camera and Flashlight buttons.
  • Safari Electro: If you wish to have the iPad browsing experience right on your iPhone, Safari Electro is the tweak you want to have.
  • Better Settings: If you need to customize your settings app, Better Settings tweak is available on Sileo to help you do it.
  • Barmoji: This tweak adds a row of emojis just below the keypad when you start typing so that you can have access to multiple emojis instantly.
  • Sonos12: This is a volume HUD replacement for iPhones and iPads that adds some cool features. You get to configure colors, blur, drop shadow and overlay, among others on your volume HUD. You can also customize its position.
  • Noctis Neo: After years of demand, Apple finally introduced Dark Mode in iOS 13. However, this isn’t as customizable as you would like. That’s why Noctis Neo is still more popular. With this tweak, you can customize Dark Mode in many ways.
  • Siliqua Pro: An awesome tweak that lets you customize your AirPods Pro by choosing what gestures to use and how they should respond.
  • Sunflower: Bothered about the removal of 3D Touch on older iPhones? Sunflower brings this functionality back and lets you enjoy this functionality to access multiple features in a few touches. Although it doesn’t work efficiently as 3D Touch, it is better than nothing.
  • BadgeMe: Tired of having the same notification badges that look terrible? BadgeMe is a tweak that customizes iOS notification badges to alter their appearance and make them more appealing.
  • ScreenSafe: A fun tweak that brings about an awesome screen saver experience to your iOS device. With screens that are brighter and have the ability to show crisp clear images, this tweak is even more useful.
  • Canvas: This free tweak allows you to save any Canvas from your Now Playing interface right from the Spotify app.
  • HaptiGram: Enjoy haptic feedback from your Instagram app. This tweak is available for $1.5 tweak and can be downloaded from the Packix repository.
  • PhoneColors: Another cool tweak for adding color to your phone. PhoneColors colorizes your Phone app thanks to a wide selection of colors.
  • SiriOpenHelpConfirm: If you are always triggering Siri by accident, this tweak adds a prompt box for confirming whether you want to use Siri.

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There are many exciting tweaks being released for Sileo every other day. These exciting Sileo tweaks are some of the best you can find in the repository. What’s your favorite of them all? Share with us in the comments section below.


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