Best Safari Tweaks for iOS in 2020

There are iOS tweaks for almost any popular app in the iOS ecosystem –including Safari. This browser is designed to be fast and comes with many features you would need to surf the web easily.

However, there are a couple of customizations that can make your Safari experience even better. With the best Safari tweaks for iOS, you will enjoy things such as changing the appearance of the browser and introducing features that make surfing a much better experience.

While some of these tweaks can be installed on non-jailbroken devices, the majority have been created for jailbroken devices.

Here are the best Safari tweaks for iOS:

1. Sleipnizer for Safari

Sleipnizer for Safari is designed for those who have jailbroken using unc0ver or Chimera. The tweak was developed by r_plus and it integrates plenty of gestures and shortcuts to make your Safari experience better.

You can enjoy using 3D Touch, Tap, Pull, Letter, and an Action Panel right from Safari. With these features, you can open a new Safari tab, focus the search bar, display the bookmark panel.

You can also find something on a webpage, toggle to private browsing mode, and request for a desktop version of the site instantly. The tweak is available from the Packix repository.

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2. Safari Plus

Safari Plus comes with a wide spectrum of features with a host of configurations to customize your Safari browser in any way you see it fit. Its features range from aesthetic to functional and the best thing is that they are all accessible in a central place.

Among the features you’ll enjoy with this browser include the ability to enable HTTPS everywhere, uploading of any file from iOS, enable or disable desktop switching buttons, and long-tapping on items to insert them into the search or URL bar.

Another interesting feature is the ability to change the browsing mode every time you open Safari. This tweak is available on GitHub.

3. Deluminator

Fancy dark mode on your browser? Deluminator is a jailbreak tweaks that converts your websites into a darker mode. While it works perfectly on Safari, it is not tied to the app only. You can use it to enable dark mode on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox too.

The tweak also supports a couple of third-party apps including Cydia. It also enables a reader mode on Safari and also other apps. Deluminator can be downloaded from the Packix repo.

4. FullSafari

Tabbed experience on an iPad is very different from an iPhone. The iPad arranges tables in a way that is easy to access, while you need several hand commands to view tabbed websites on your iPhone.

FullSafari brings the iPad browser experience to an iPhone. While it isn’t that effective when dealing with many tabs, it still does an excellent job without altering the user interface. You can download FullSafari from GitHub.

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5. Safari Downloader+

Safari Downloader + is a combination of 3 apps: File Download Manager, Video Downloader, and Media Importer. If you are looking for an all-round solution for consuming media on your browser, then this is the tweak to download.

Safari Download Manager Plus makes it easier to surf the web and download media. The tweak can be configured to suit your preferences and supports downloading media for offline viewing. You can get it from Cydia.

6. SafariUnleashed Pro

SafariUnleashed Pro is a jailbreak tweak that enables jailbreakers to access awesome features that make their browsing experience better.

The tweak comes with a range of features such as the ability to enable grid tabs, auto reader mode, background playback, and force do no track.

The tweak can also enable a flat navigation bar and hide search indicator. This seems to be a great tweak if you want to better your Safari experience. It can be found on the Packix repo where it goes for $1.

7. LiveSafari

LiveSafari was developed by iOS developer Skitty and it is designed to animate the Safari app native icon on your home screen so that it displays a compass that always points north.

This app doesn’t come with many options to configure and doesn’t have many features. However, it is still popular with many jailbreakers who want a compass on the home screen. The tweak is available from the Skitty’s repository.

8. PlaybackSafari

Need to multitask while playing a video on Safari? Well, with PlaybackSafari, you can do just that. The tweak allows you to begin playing a video on Safari, close the app or lock your device and the video will keep playing in the background.

This is particularly interesting as you can now rely on YouTube as your main source of music for free. Visit CydiaGeek’s repo to download and try out this tweak.

Looking to spice up your browsing experience on Safari? We’ve listed here the best Safari tweaks for iOS that you’ll definitely love. If you have any other great tweaks for Safari, let us know in the comments.

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