Best Keyboard Tweaks for iOS 12

The iOS keyboard works just fine, but it could be better. To customize your keyboard to perform exactly as you’d like, there are a couple of Cydia keyboard tweaks that you can use. These tweaks help to achieve multiple things including adding new features to the keyboard and making it easier to type.

With many jailbreak tweaks for the iOS keyboard available, you need to ensure that what you are choosing will work exactly as you would like. This guide saves you the trouble of having to test different tweaks before choosing the best.

Here are the best keyboard tweaks for iOS:

1. iKeywi 4

iKeywi 4 takes keyboard enhancing to another level, especially with its new features and support for the newer versions of iOS.

The keyboard makes it easier to input special characters and allows for flicking the upper row to enter a designated character. You can customize your keys as well as the appearance of the keyboard. Download it from the Packix repo in Cydia or from Sileo. It goes for $1.99.

2. KB – NoPredictiveBackground

Frustrated with the predictive text background on your iPhone or iPad? Well, if it is running on iOS 9 or later, you can get rid of the feature by installing KB – NoPredictiveBackground. The tweak is available on Cydia and there are no options to configure.

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3. HandKey

Need to type with one hand? No problem, Handykey resizes the keyboard on your iPhone to make it easier for you to type with one hand. Switching to a resized keyboard is easy -just swipe two fingers left or right.

You can also install Activator alongside this tweak to bring more custom actions. All features on your keyboard will still work perfectly after installing HandyKey. The tweak is available on Cydia.

4. HapticKeys

If you need the Android-style haptic keyboard experience on your iOS device, you should install HapticKeys. Developed by Colecabral and added to the Packix repo, this tweak makes the iPhone vibrate a bit with every tap on the keypad.

You can choose between 3 haptic feedback strengths i.e light, medium, and heavy. Installing the tweak is easy and you only have a few settings to configure. It supports all jailbroken iOS versions from iOS 10 and later.

5. PredictionShortcuts

PredictionShortcuts replaces the built-in traditional iPhone keyboard prediction bar with important shortcuts for functions such as copy, cut and paste. The tweak is light and easily integrates with your iPhone keyboard.

While the tweak is designed primarily to get rid of those autocorrect suggestions that you rarely use, you can also enable autocorrect alongside the shortcuts. The tweak is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

6. MusicalKeyboard

This free tweak is designed for those who love music. Basically, it converts your keyboard to a musical instrument with 5 main instruments:

  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin

The tweak is available on the BigBoss repo on Cydia. Installation is easy and all the configurations can be made through the Settings app.

7. ColorfulKBD Pro

Get more color on your keyboard by installing ColorfulKBD Pro, which is a tweak that changes the color of your keyboard at random.

You can configure your options in the settings app and change a few settings right from the keyboard. You can also vary the brightness and saturation of the background image. The tweak is available on Cydia.

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8. SwipeExpander

Swipe Expander brings about shortcuts for accessing more options on your iPhone keyboard. The tweak enables ease of accessibility to a large variety of functions which makes typing a whole lot easier.

You can configure the tweak via the stock Settings. Among the things you can include in your gesture shortcuts include Insert Text, Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete Forward, Dismiss Autocorrect, Select All, among others. You can download the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Now that you’ve known the numerous keyboard tweaks available, why don’t you try them out and freshen up your typing experience?

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