Best iPhone Tethering App without Jailbreak

If you are an iPhone user, you probably get frustrated by Apple’s lack of tethering apps on its store. Most service providers are vigilant on your data usage, especially if your device encrypted VPN isn’t on. Carriers can stop your iPhone from creating a hot spot or additional charges for using their bundles on extra devices. This blocks other device internet connections like iPad and Macbook.

Jailbreaking your iPhone helps in easing your iPhone’s tethering capability but is it really worth it? Several developers whose applications are available on Apple store discreetly equip their apps with tethering abilities. So what are the available apps that can let you share your service provider’s jealously guarded data; tether with no jailbreak?

1. iTether


This USB tethering app may come in handy. It allows you to tether your iPhone for use in other devices like your PC without the hassle of jailbreaking your phone. The official website clarifies that this application works well when your iPhone is patched and maybe has previously worked with tetherme. It offers high-quality internet connectivity speeds and is compatible with iOS devices.

2. PDA net logo

This is one of those customized apple tethering apps on the market. This free application allows you to use both USB  and wireless connectivity for your browsing on other devices up to 35mbps. It has a free trial period which upon expiry still gives browsing capabilities except in secure sites that require logins. That means you may not be able to access banking or other essential services through your internet connectivity. While the expiry of the trial period may require $29 dollars, you can bypass all these by downloading wired tethering for the root user. This performs the same function as PDAnet.

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3. TP Link Tether

tp link tether

This cross-platform tethering app works both in android and iOS devices. Its ability to connect to TP-link router and xDSL means the area covered by your iPhone hotspot is physically extended. This app departs from others in its ability to help you to see the number of connections and internet status of your hotspot. In case you intend to use your internet for family use, the extra parental control option keeps your young ones safe.

Not to mention the management of client devices and related permissions. Knowing where to exactly place your device to get the best connection and range is always difficult. Worry not; this application got you covered by suggesting where you can exactly place your phone to extend its hotspot range.


This tethering app is different from the others. It helps disguise your tethering activities as regular data. It translates to multiple devices using your data despite the informal data stock limits that come attached with service providers. A quick spot check on its website concedes that setting up the app is cumbersome.

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Especially if you lack networking knowledge. While it has many promises listed such as removing extra payments for hot spot limitation removal, unblocking blocked hot spot functionality on your phone and overriding carrier limitations. This application comes with the additional requirement of working with, iOS 10 or 11 firmware and Cydia impactor.

5. iPhone Modem

Another obvious alternative without using an app is going old school USB tethering way. You can use your iPhone to set up a hotspot when you use your Apple USB cable. Connect your Apple phone to your PC. Go to Settings, then General, next step go to Network and then the internet tethering. From there slide on the internet tethering. This should activate your hotspot.

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