Best Instagram Jailbreak Tweaks in 2020

Instagram is the best and most powerful photo sharing app you can find right now. However, the app itself doesn’t have as many features as you’d like to have.

Some of these features haven’t been developed yet while some aren’t considered necessary for some reason or another. That is where the best Instagram jailbreak tweaks come into function.

The jailbreak community has been creating Instagram jailbreak tweaks ever since the photo-sharing platform was developed. Over time, some of the major tweaks have faded as Instagram added more features to its official app.

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With the latest iOS release, there are still some features that are essential but are yet to be added. With these Cydia jailbreak tweaks, you’ll get to interact more with the app. You can download videos, customize your page and block people easily.

Here are 7 best Instagram jailbreak tweaks you should consider downloading:

1. Instagram ++

Instagram ++ is a popular tweak that makes it easier to tweak the Instagram interface as well as download videos and photos.

You can switch from a full feel to a thumbnail view for your fees while further customizing things such as bio info and comments.

You can also use Instagram ++ to spoof your followers count, display IG in full-screen view as well as open links within Instagram. Another cool feature that you will love is the ability to disable DM read receipts. You can get the tweak here.

2. MejorDp

Need to share videos and photos from another profile or disable screenshot so that other users cannot screenshot your content? Well, MejorDp helps you to do that in addition to a child protection feature that protects kids and third parties from using the account.

You can fake likes, followers, and those you follow. You can also fake a verified profile and download other people’s videos and photos.

In addition, you can remove ads from Instagram and open unlimited accounts on your device. You can download MejorDp from Cydia Big Boss repo.

3. IgotallemojisDp

Tired of having to wait for Instagram to update its database with the latest emojis? Do you still need to use emojis that have removed by Instagram? Well, this is the tweak you should consider installing.

IgotallemojisDp is simply a database of lots of emojis that replaces your current Instagram emojis with the latest database of frequently updated emojis. If you need to step up your emoji game, this is the right tweak for you. You can download and install it right from the Big Boss repo.

4. Rocket for Instagram

If you’re already feeling bored with the stock Instagram app, Rocket for Instagram is the right app to spice it up.

With lots of features such as the ability to save posts and images, repost, check people who are following you and copy text captions from photos, there’s a lot more you can do with it.

For those who fancy their privacy, you will be impressed to know that you can disable read receipts and save messaged stories to the camera roll. Besides, you can also disable screenshot detection in stories. Get Rocket for Instagram here.

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5. Y.A Hack Instagram

Worried about getting your Instagram hacked? F.Y.A promises to add more security to your Instagram by locking it up with a password.

However, this feature can now be found in modern phones, so it may not be useful to many. Luckily, it isn’t the only feature that the app offers.

Enjoy switching to anonymous mode to make it hard for anyone to find your information on the platform. Besides, you can save videos and photos in a click. If you fancy the convenience offered by this app, you can get it here.

6. Rhino Tweak

By now you’ve read about many tweaks that can save Instagram photos right to your camera roll.

Rhino tweak goes a step further by giving you the ability to save live Instagram videos. You can scroll on the feeds and download any IGTV video or picture that you like.

You can also copy comments, view disappearing photos for unlimited time and know if users are following you. Other things you can do are viewing all user-profiles and downloading videos and images in the inbox. You can get Rhino Instagram tweak here.

Now that you have all these awesome tweaks at your disposal, why not ace the Instagram game, not just with cool photos, but also incredible features that your friends will wish to know where you got them from.

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