Best free IPA download sites in 2020

There are lots of apps in the App Store. However, most of them are paid versions while others have limited features. What if you wanted to test out an app before your purchase? Or what if you needed apps that can do more on your jailbroken device? Well, this is where free IPA download sites come into play.

While there are many IPA download sites out there, very few provide quality IPAs. Besides, most of the go-to sites for IPAs have closed shop. To save the struggle, here are the best free IPA download sites for iPhone and iPad.

List of top sites to download IPA files

The best free sites to download IPA files are:

1. iPhoneCake (AppCake)

iPhoneCake, also known as AppCake, contains a large database of IPAs for the iPhone or iPad. You can install these cracked apps on a device that isn’t jailbroken. If you have jailbroken, you will be delighted to know than iPhoneCake works for iOS 12.0 or 12.1.2 jailbreak.

2. iOS Ninja

This is an ad-free app that provides a great experience in addition to a wide range of apps. In addition to a great user interface, this website is clean and simple which makes it easier to find apps and games. Besides, apps on iOS Ninja are updated regularly.

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3. PandaApp (PandaHelper)

With its simple user interface and a wide range of apps readily available for download, very few IPA download sites offer a better experience than Panda Helper. Apps here can be downloaded for free. Visit their website to download IPA files.

4. VShare

VShare has been around for quite a long time and this has made it quite popular with people who need to download IPA files. Downloading from the website itself isn’t as speedy as you’d like, but the speeds can improve once you’ve downloaded the app.

5. AppAddict

AppAddict works with iOS 11 and can be downloaded on non-jailbroken devices. The site is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. It comes with a wide range of apps including some of the most popular games and entertainment apps.

6. AppSoDo

AppSoDo allows you to download some of the best apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The website is easy to navigate and there are very many apps that you can download to your device.

7. 51IPA

Although 51IPA is written in Chinese, you can still use Google Translate or any other similar app to view and download apps from the website. The only problem with this site is that most of the apps haven’t been updated for a long time.

8. Mob

If you need some games on iOS, then Mob is the IPA site to visit. The site has a list of apps categorized in different sections that makes it easier to identify your preferred game. There are also recommendations and the most popular tab that contains some of the best games you can ever have on iOS.

9. iPlayPlus

iPlayPlus is a simple website that contains a wide range of apps that will leave you spoilt for choice. While it may not be easier to navigate around the app than others, you can enjoy some of the best games by downloading the readily available IPA files.

10. iDownloads

Russian based website, iDownloads, is an incredible resource if you are looking for free IPA files for your iOS device. The website is written in Russian, but you can easily use any of the available translation services to navigate your way.

Hopefully you have found a decent app among these top free IPA download sites for iOS devices. If you happen to know of another option that is worth featuring, let us know.

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