Author: Dreidre

Best Sileo Tweaks for iOS 12

The new iOS 12.4 jailbreak by Electra has been released and now is the perfect time to jailbreak your device. Named Chimera, the jailbreak allows you to install Cydia or Sileo to take advantage of the root access you have to your phone. If you have already jailbroken your iPhone using this jailbreak, you are

Best Safari Tweaks for iOS 12

There are iOS tweaks for almost any popular app in the iOS ecosystem –including Safari. This browser is designed to be fast and comes with many features you would need to surf the web easily. However, there are a couple of customizations that can make your Safari experience even better. With the best Safari tweaks

Best Keyboard Tweaks for iOS 12

The iOS keyboard works just fine, but it could be better. To customize your keyboard to perform exactly as you’d like, there are a couple of Cydia keyboard tweaks that you can use. These tweaks help to achieve multiple things including adding new features to the keyboard and making it easier to type. With many

Best Control Center Tweaks for iOS 12

The Control Center contains shortcuts to some of the most useful features in an iOS device. However, the way Apple has set it isn’t ideal for everyone. While the features are accessible, a little more customization is necessary to fully take advantage of them. Control Center tweaks take up this opportunity to customize and improve

Best Instagram Jailbreak Tweaks

Instagram is the best and most powerful photo sharing app you can find right now. However, the app itself doesn’t have as many features as you’d like to have. Some of these features haven’t been developed yet while some aren’t considered necessary for some reason or another. That is where the best Instagram jailbreak tweaks

Best VPN for Jailbreak and 3rd Party Apps

Jailbreaking is fun. You get access to apps you would have otherwise never downloaded. You are also granted more power over what you can do with your iPhone. However, jailbreaking also opens up your device to potential vulnerabilities. But that’s not the only reason why you should find the best VPN for jailbreak and 3rd

Best Pokémon Go Cydia Tweaks to Try Out

Pokémon Go is hands down one of the most downloaded games for iOS. If you own an iPhone or iPad, you’ve definitely downloaded or heard of the game. While the game is enjoyable, the only issue is that you have to walk in order to play. This isn’t ideal for those who can’t walk or