Best PokeGo++ alternatives for iOS

PokeGo++ was a dream come true to many Pokémon Go fans who needed a way to travel around the world and catch Pokémon without actually leaving their homes. As Niantic has pulled the plug and sued the developers behind the app, it is time to start searching for the best PokeGo++ alternatives. You can still

PokeGo++ -IPA download and installation for iOS

Until the last few days, it was easy to download PokeGo++ and spoof your location on Pokémon Go. So, what happened that has made it difficult to get the app in most stores? Earlier in July, Niantic sued the makers of PokeGo++, Global++, for selling a tweaked version of Pokémon Go. This led to Global++

10 best Bluestacks alternatives for Mac

When it comes to emulators, Bluestacks is one of the most popular you can find out there. This Android emulator was not only the first of its kind, but it was also efficient to use and works seamlessly on Windows or Mac. However, as time goes by, Bluestacks has failed to update some of is

How to install ReProvision and sign IPA files

If you have been using Cydia Impactor in recent times, you may have noticed that the app is constantly flooded with errors that make it difficult to sideload IPAs. This is what ReProvision aims to solve. Before we get into more details about the app and how to use it, it’s important to know what

Fix Cydia Impactor: Installer.cpp:71 application installed as incompatible error

Provision.cpp:71 error is one of the most common errors that occur when using Cydia Impactor to sideload apps. The error is usually followed by the message: provision.cpp:71 ios/submit/DevelopmentCSR = 7469 You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request. If you are encountering this error, this post will come in handy.

Fix Cydia Impactor Stuck on Verifying Application

With the new jailbreak, most people have been struggling to find the best tweaks to install. While there are plenty of IPAs out there, installation can only be done using a few tools -the most popular of them being Cydia Impactor. In recent times, users have been complaining about Cydia Impactor getting stuck on verifying

Cydia Impactor Provision.cpp:81 error – How to fix

When using Cydia Impactor, you may have encountered an error, provision.cpp:81 that is often followed by the message iOS/submitDevelopmentCSR = 7460. You already have a current iOS Development certificate or pending certificate request. Another variation of error comes with the message iOS/addAppId=9313. The Network Extensions feature is only available to users enrolled in the Apple

Best Sileo Tweaks for iOS 12

The new iOS 12.4 jailbreak by Electra has been released and now is the perfect time to jailbreak your device. Named Chimera, the jailbreak allows you to install Cydia or Sileo to take advantage of the root access you have to your phone. If you have already jailbroken your iPhone using this jailbreak, you are

Best Safari Tweaks for iOS 12

There are iOS tweaks for almost any popular app in the iOS ecosystem –including Safari. This browser is designed to be fast and comes with many features you would need to surf the web easily. However, there are a couple of customizations that can make your Safari experience even better. With the best Safari tweaks